General information

• Cusco Mara is an agroindustry that investigates, manufactures and commercializes products made out of Cusco´s and regional Andean Biodiversity (amaranth, quinoa, kañiwa, corn, fava beans, …)

• We have gathered more tan 25 years of experience in local, national and international markets.

• We have seven product lines and more tan 30 products manufactured in a non contaminated environment, without the use of preservatives and under a quality assurance system (HACCP) and environmental management).

• Cusco Mara manages an ecological experimental center: "Retiro"/ Vilcabamba/ Caicay/ Paucartambo/ Cusco.

• We also manage an Andean botanical garden: Qolqanpata/ San Cristóbal/ Cusco

• We have experience in articulation and strategic alliances with producers and farmer´s families

• Cusco Mara works on the defense and enhancement of Andean Biodiversity as well as to bring back its value.

• We have been awarded with: Premio a la Creatividad Empresarial (UPC), Premio al Desarrollo Sostenibles (CONAM), Premio Internacional por la Defensa de la Biodiversidad (SlowFood), Premio Regional a la Mujer Microempresaria (Banco de Trabajo).


Is to: “Transcend the Andes”

• Seizing the comparative advantages from our biodiversity, manufacturing and innovating products with added value (like treasures), with high quality, natural, ecological, with cultural value and identity and harmony with the environment.


“From Cusco to the World”

• Our vision is to be the cusquenian business that investigates and innovates products based on the Andean Biodiversity, lasting through time.

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