About us ?

We are an agro-industry of Andean Biodiversity that researches, produces and markets superfoods based on the Andean Biodiversity of Cusco and the region (kiwicha, quinoa, kañiwa, corn, broad beans, beans,...), with more than 30 years of accumulated experience in local, national and international markets. We have 7 production lines and more than 30 products made and processed in uncontaminated media, without chemical additives, with quality assurance systems, safety (HACCP) and environmental management.

In Cusco Mara, work is being done on the revaluation and defense of Andean Biodiversity and its enhancement. "From Cusco to the world... Andean Biodiversity."

We have our own Agricultural Unit, called "RETIRO: Experimental Ecological Center", which is located at 3060 masl in Vilcabamba, Caicay, Paucartambo, Cusco. We work with a direct relationship, articulation and strategic alliances with producers and more than 50 families of farmers from Cusco and the Region (geographic basins: Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cuenca de Limatambo, Anta; Apurímac and Puno), where the raw material is cultivated. in uncontaminated media.

We have two points for the generation of compost, through the use of the company's organic solid waste, in Qolqanpata, San Cristóbal, Cusco and "Retiro", Vilcabamba, Paucartambo, in the same way, we have an Andean Botanical Garden, located in the Qolqanpata Station (San Cristóbal, Cusco).

We work with a policy to provide job opportunities for people with special abilities.

“The company is called ' Cusco Mara' because that name represents my origins (my Dad from the Aymara area, Puno and my Mom from the Quechua area, Cusco) and Cusco is one of the centers of origin of Biodiversity and the historical capital of Peru.

'Mara' means 'enduring over time' in the Quechua and Aymara words.

Our logo, rescued from Andean semiotics, represents two important elements:

The two-headed serpent, which means wisdom and knowledge.

The serpent's eyes represent one of the main Bright Constellations of Inca astronomy: Huch'uy Chakana or Southern Cross.”

Ing. Adriana Irazema Valcárcel Manga

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