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Cusco Mara

Select Black Chia x 454g

Select Black Chia x 454g

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Select grain of black chia, 100% natural (it can have different shades of colors, shapes and sizes).
Selected chia (Salvia hispánica)
It is a superfood with a high content of protein, fiber and fat.
Its fast-digesting protein content also provides the 9 essential amino acids, while its high soluble fiber content accelerates and prolongs satiety, reducing cravings between meals and improving the digestive tract, thereby stimulating the metabolic rate throughout throughout the day Obviously, its low glycemic index makes it an ideal food for diabetics, as it allows more acceptable control of sugar levels.
It contains 8 times more Omega 3 than salmon, which favor the cardiovascular and circulatory system, by keeping blood cholesterol limits at bay.
Thanks to antioxidants, the immune system improves, after eliminating the toxins that the body absorbs daily.
In addition, it has iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B1, B2, B3, among others.
- It can be consumed by the general public thanks to its easy digestion and neutral taste.
- First the seeds must be placed in the liquid, allowing them to rest for approximately 10 minutes or less, until they have absorbed all the juice.
- Once this is done, a kind of voluminous gel should form, from which you should take ⅓ of the cup of the freshly made mixture and add to two 3 cups of water.
- Mix and strain if necessary.
- The preparation can be stored in the refrigerator for consumption at any time.
- Can also be added to smoothies, cookies, yogurt, overnight oats for breakfast.


High in fiber. Protein source. Gluten free. Free of chemical preservatives. vegan. Free of octagons.

mode of consumption

It is recommended to consume a portion of 30g daily.
It can be consumed directly or added to fruit salads, smoothies, yogurt, milk, etc.
As a nutritious candy, ideal for children's consumption.

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