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Cusco Mara

Crisinos Kiwicha and Purple Corn x 150g

Crisinos Kiwicha and Purple Corn x 150g

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Sweet crisinos based on kiwicha flour, purple corn flour, black chia powder, cinnamon, and stevia.
- High in protein.
- High in fiber.
- Free of added sugars.
- Low in saturated fat.
- Gluten free.
- Vegan.
- Free of octagons.
- Ideal healthy snack to include in your diet during the day. Excellent as an accompaniment for breakfast, snack or any time of the day.
- Suitable for coeliacs.


High in fiber. Protein source. Gluten free. Free of chemical preservatives. vegan. Free of octagons.

mode of consumption

It is recommended to consume a portion of 30g daily.
It can be consumed directly or added to fruit salads, smoothies, yogurt, milk, etc.
As a nutritious candy, ideal for children's consumption.

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